I like coffee; and sometimes I would make coffee at home, using a French press coffee maker. So here comes the problem: how to clean a French press, removing the spent coffee grinds from the vessel in an efficient manner without making too much of a mess?

french press

When cleaning your French press, do you use your hand or a spoon to get the grounds out?

Do you pour the coffee grounds down the drain or down the toilet?

My favorite way to clean a French press is to add water into the spent grounds and pour all the contents at the base of a rose bush; but, this is not always working well.


Also, while searching through the net, I got another method, that is, pull apart the press filter and the filter holder and then shake off excess grounds from each component into compost bin. Lastly, leave on sink rack over night to dry.

But both two ways are not satisfied. So what’s the best way to quickly and easily clean a French press?

First of all, don’t pour those coffee grinds down the drain. When filling your French press about half way full with some water, take a fine mesh strainer and pour the grounds out and into the strainer. Then you can dump those grounds in the trash and compost them if you’d like.

Next, fill the French press with some warm water and a little bit of soap before grabbing the plunger and moving it up and down a few times inside of it, which can help to clean the sides with coffee oil.

Lastly, dump the water out and wash its outside one more time. Wipe to dry it and the French press is ready to brew some more great coffee the next day.