Holidays sometimes come so quickly that you have no time to prepare a gift for your beloved. After all, every man wants to not only cheer up but also surprise his girlfriend. Of course, you can go to the store and buy something, but there are times when you are completely out of money. It isn’t a problem because every man is able to make a perfect DIY gift. We’ve prepared a list of top presents your girlfriend will surely love.

Flower present

Certificate of wishes

Now the so-called certificate of wishes is gaining momentum – you can see its samples on the Internet. What is the meaning of this gift? For example, you give a girl a “certificate” for 5 wishes: they can be of an intimate or everyday nature. As you understand, this “document” gains importance when the girl begins to enjoy the benefits of this gift. She has the right to tell you her desire at any time, and you must fulfill the request of your beloved without any wrangling. This can be washing dishes, foot massage, cooking dinner – in general, it all depends on the girl’s imagination.


Joined-up photographs

Many girls are very passionate about the photos that show some special moments of their life. You can please your beloved by showing her that certain events are also very important to you. It’s most appropriate to present such a gift in case you live together. Of course, if we aren’t talking about creating a collage through any online program. However, we offer you another option – the heart made of photos on the wall. Such a gift will be most appropriate in the bedroom, and to make it, you need very little time. Just print your joint photos and fasten them to the wall in any way you like.


Bouquets and baskets of sweets and fruits

Most women adore various sweets and fruits, and, of course, they are pleased to receive such goodies as a gift. Take care of a decent design of the surprise, and your beloved will remember it for a long time. What can be put in such a basket? First of all, be guided by the preferences of the girl. If she loves chocolate, then the main part of the basket should contain various chocolates. If she prefers fruits, then focus on them. It is also appropriate to put a small but cute bouquet of flowers, a bottle of champagne or wine, gourmet pastries, a jar of Nutella, a pack of excellent tea, and other goodies.


A letter

Yes, even such a seemingly uncomplicated gift can be one of the best memories for your sweetheart. So, choose a beautiful envelope and a sheet of paper. Now write the girl a declaration of love. Tell her how you felt when you realized that you were in love with her, and how it happened. Describe the uniqueness of your beloved. Summarize that you would like these relations to constantly develop and become stronger every day. Girls usually keep these letters for years.


Box with declarations of love

You can buy a nice carton box and fill it with little notes with declarations of love. These messages can be multicolored. On these papers, you just write for what you appreciate your girlfriend and why she is so dear to you. You can carefully wrap a candy in each little note.


Soap hearts

Any girl loves when a man pays attention to her. Also, girls love to please themselves with all sorts of gels or gentle creams. Then it’s best to make your own scrub or soap in the form of hearts. This is a good and useful gift for your girlfriend. DIY cream or soap hearts will give your significant other a lot of pleasure with a unique aroma of your love.


Bakery products

If your girlfriend is a sweet tooth, you can bake and then present her delicious cookies, gingerbread or a cake. To surprise your loved one even more, make heart-shaped pastries. Place your culinary masterpiece in the original gift wrap.

Remember: before starting work, it’s recommended to remember what your girlfriend is most interested in. The gift created by yourself will show your beloved how much you love her. You just need to spend a little time and get creative. Also, you can meet wives to ask them about more ideas and tips on how to create a perfect DIY gift.


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